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Web Based Authentication

Knowing with whom you are communicating and transacting with is a crucial component to e-commerce. Post.Trust has developed a comprehensive validation process for users, offering verifiable online digital identities without the need for additional hardware or technical expertise.

Where there is a requirement for face-to-face verification prior to issuing a digital certificate an in-person meeting can be scheduled with a Post.Trust representative. Alternativel an officer of the organisation can be appointed as a Registration Agent for employees following a stringent identity verification process. Post.Trust offers an unrivalled level of certification to authenticate users online, assuring that the individual you are communicating or transacting with online is in fact that individual.

Post.Trust offers one of the highest levels of authentication available using a unique system that verifies a users identity by combining Digital Signatures, an online PIN and virtual smart card technology. This combination of best-of-breed technology and in-person registration enables near absolute verification of an online identity and allows for extremely sensitive transactions to take place electronically.

Post.Trust has achieved a distinctive technique for online validation. With the latest technological advances, Post.Trust has pioneered an innovative approach in secure online verification.

Web Based Authentication Solutions can be configured to provide the following:

  • Cryptographically camouflaged private keys
  • 6-digit user assigned PIN
  • Digital certificate and digital signature
  • Real-time authentication
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy implementation and administration
  • Full access control to user entitlements
  • Multi-platform flexibility
  • Best-of-breed integrated authentication solution
  • Non-repudiation for financial transactions

For more information on our web based authentication services in practice have a look at the online banking case study for which a bespoke PKI based authentication and registration system was developed.

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