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Remote Access

Businesses are increasingly seeking to provide their employees, suppliers, partners and customers with secure remote access to their business applications, corporate email and data. Residential Broadband penetration and the increasing sophistication of mobile, wireless and networked technologies have transformed how and where we do business.

However, providing remote access comes with its own set of IT challenges and security threats. And while you could provide access via a SSL VPN, the administration costs associated with managing usernames and passwords for a growing mobile user base are unfavourable.

Knowing who you are communicating and transacting with is an essential enabler to e-business. Client authentication certificates remove the need to distribute and manage usernames and passwords to remote users and provide a greater level of security and access control.

Post.Trust can provide secure remote access to a central system from a PC through the use of Digital Signatures, an online PIN and virtual smart card technology. Now you can trust in the online identity of the individual and permit extremely sensitive transactions and access to sensitive data to take place.

For more information on how remote access can benefit business, have a look at our Eirgrid case study.

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