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Finance & Insurance

The insurance and financial services sectors are largely document or forms centric spanning human and system touch points. Despite significant advances in electronic document management solutions and transmission technologies in the last decade much of the information enters, circulates and leaves the sector in paper form. For example the document creation lifecycle in the insurance sector typically requires specialised documents or forms at each stage.

Insurance Product LifeCycle:

Insurance Lifecycle image

Insurance Product LifeCycle

Each stage of this lifecycle can be complex, requiring the assembly of a number of different elements to create the appropriate documentation package. A typical set of elements can include application forms, marketing collateral, product information, policy documents, regulatory documentation, terms and conditions, proposals and statements. Additionally version control, validity and expiry parameters, regulatory compliance, audit, authorisation, fraudulent claims check, time stamping, integrity, archiving, retrieval and signature capture are important issues and events which must be managed carefully during the entire lifecycle. Electronic forms and documents combined with digital signatures can play a key role in enabling the success of the particular document lifecycle model adopted by an insurance or financial services company.

Electronic Documents and Workflows

The Insurance and Financial Services sectors are increasingly seeking to deploy electronic document workflows in a bid to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and enhance security. The application of digital signature technologies to automated workflows and business processes can provide the highest levels of assurance, where legally robust auditable transactions are required in order to meet mandatory compliance and regulatory rules.
Post.Trust I.D.® and SpeediSign™ for Adobe® CDS combine the essential attributes of security, integrity, authentication and trust and can be integrated into either existing or planned work flow systems with ease. The ability to create electronic documents with legally binding signatures allow inefficient paper based processes reliant on a handwritten signature to be replaced by electronic documents - fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements.

With Post.Trust document signing solutions for Adobe® CDS the recipient can trust in the integrity of the PDF document and the identity of the author as it is automatically validated within Adobe® Acrobat and Reader®. A range of Insurance and Financial Services application forms and documents can benefit from these key attributes. For example;

  • Secure transmission by email of digitally signed documents such as policies and customer statements. Because the PDF’s have the added assurance of a digital signature and guarantee identity and information integrity, customers can feel secure and safe in the knowledge that they are not the target of a phishing or forgery scam.
  • Integration of document signing capability into electronic forms on laptops carried by sales personnel.  This type of solution enables the capture of both the sales person’s and client’s signature electronically, thus eliminating the requirement to submit supporting paperwork after the event.

Post.Trust document signing solutions for Adobe® CDS can help to ensure privacy and authenticity of communications in the Insurance and Financial Services sector. Other added benefits include increased operational efficiencies by eliminating the need to have to print documents or manually re-key data into back end systems.

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