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Remote Access

Remote Access
Enable secure remote access to your business applications, corporate email and data with Post.Trust secure access solution. Now you can trust in the online identity of the individual and permit extremely sensitive transactions and access to sensitive data to take place.

e-Document Transmission

e-Document Transmission
Post.Trust, as a member of the Adobe® CDS Program, can provide a high assurance signing credential that can be used to add electronic signatures to Adobe® PDF documents which can then be distributed over the Internet.

Smartcard Authentication

Smartcard Authentication
Smartcard solutions provide single sign-on two factor authentication via a PIN and the smartcard itself. Smartcards offer a simple solution to enabling multiple users to access their personal profile on a PC.

Web Based Solutions

Web Based Solutions
Post.Trust offers an unrivalled level of certification to authenticate users online, assuring that the individual you are communicating or transacting with online is in fact that individual.

Email Security

Email Security
Email is anything but secure. Sending sensitive information in an unprotected email is akin to writing it on the back of a postcard for all to see. Post.Trust digital certificates allow you to sign and encrypt email messages thus protecting them in transit and verifying to the recipient that you are who you say you are.

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