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Secure Email
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SafeMail - Get Smart With Secure Email.

Email has revolutionised how we communicate with others. It has changed how we do business in that we can now do it faster, cheaper and more productively. It is an invaluable communication medium.

However when we consider email threats like phishing, spam and data theft, that intrinsic value begins to get eroded. Businesses are increasingly recognising the need to secure their email communications both internally from being intercepted by unauthorised personnel and externally from parties seeking to use this data maliciously. In addition businesses must comply with data protection legislation or face prosecution. Businesses must act responsibly to ensure that email remains a valuable communications tool.

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Digital signatures and encryption are two measures a business can adopt to secure its email communications. A digital certificate is a unique numeric string that identifies you while communicating or transacting online. A digital signature created using a qualified digital certificate enables electronic communications with a high level of assurance as an intrinsic feature. An email with your digital signature verifies to the recipient that it originated with you and has not been intercepted en route. In its encrypted form, the email is only intelligible to the intended recipient who has the ability to decrypt (decode) the message.

Post.Trust SafeMail is an easy to implement turnkey solution for securely transmitting your email over the Internet. SafeMail is designed around Post.Trust’s ultra-secure PKI. SafeMail is designed to enable you to conduct secure, private electronic messaging with co-workers, clients, customers, and vendors – providing end-to-end encrypted security and privacy. For sales, contact a member of the Post.Trust team on 1890 617 617, log a ‘Callback’ or complete the Contact Us form.

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