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SSL Certificates

Provide high assurance and greater comfort to your customers with a Post.Trust SSL Certificate. A Post.Trust SSL Certificate not only validates your corporate identity, it enhances the security of your web presence and your customers’ perception of your service offering. This inversely augments their confidence in doing business with you.

Your SSL certificate assures your customers that information between your web server and your client’s web browser is secure.

Post.Trust Web Server SSL

Post.Trust basic Web Server SSL Certificates retail at €150.00 per certificate. Further discounts are offered based on the number of years these certificates are bought for. The table below is illustrative of the discount scheme offered by Post.Trust.

Price Years % discount € Saving
€150.00 1 0.0 % €0.00
€285.00 2 5.0 % €15.00
€416.25 3 7.5 % €33.75
€540.00 4 10.0 % €60.00
€656.25 5 12.5 % €93.75

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Verification Process:

Verification is vital for a trustworthy environment for ecommerce and sensitive communications. Post.Trust conducts rigorous validation and authentication services with each SSL certificate issued. Post.Trust performs the following checks:

  • Confirmation of registration with – in the case of Irish companies – the Companies Registration Office
  • Ownership of the domain name using a WhoIs domain lookup
  • Verification of organisation contact

Only if these checks have been successfully completed can a Post.Trust SSL certificate be issued. This assures that no person or entity is fraudulently posing as a business.

Post.Trust Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you require a SSL certificate to secure multiple sub-domains on your website then you require a Post.Trust Wildcard SSL certificate.

A Wildcard SSL certificate provides all the same guarantees as a basic web server SSL except that it can be used to manage multiple sub-domains with a single certificate making it more convenient and easier to maintain.

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