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Qualified Certificates

Digital signature technology opens up a range of new possibilities for organisations to change the way they do business. The ability to transmit electronic messages carrying legal binding signatures allows businesses to conduct transactions and to enter into binding contracts entirely by electronic means.

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Post.Trust Qualified Certificates can be used in a broad range of applications. Within an email application for example, a Post.Trust Qualified Certificate can be used to digitally sign and encrypt emails using the signatory’s private key. The encrypted message content is transmitted securely to the intended recipient along with the sender’s public key. See our Secure Email Solution. The recipient in turn opens the email using the sender’s corresponding public key. Identification and comparison checks are performed to verify that the signature is authentic.

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Digital certificates allow you to verify your identity to another party electronically. When used with encryption, they also allow you to encrypt information that you send to another person so as to provide additional assurance that only the intended party can access the information and that the information will not be compromised en route.

The term Qualified Certificate is used to describe a digital certificate with a specific qualified status within applicable governing law, i.e. digital certificates which meet the requirements laid down in Annex I of the EU Directive 1999/93/EC and provided by a certification-service-provider who fulfils the requirements laid down in Annex II of the EU Directive 1999/93/EC. Within this framework the term "Qualified Certificate" is used more generally to describe the format for a certificate whose primary purpose is identifying a person with high level of assurance in public non-repudiation services.

The eCommerce Act 2000 provides for the legal recognition of electronic signatures, electronic writing and electronic contracts so as to ensure that electronic communications are not treated any differently under the law, than traditional paper-based communications. 

Use your Post.Trust Qualified Certificate to sign emails or electronic documents as proof to the relying party that the message originated with you. Post.Trust Qualified Certificates can be purchased with a validity of between 1 and 5 years. Volume discounts apply.

For sales, contact a member of the Post.Trust team on 1890 617 617, log a ‘Callback’ or complete the Information Request Form.

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