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Document Security

Document Signing
The ability to embed an electronic document with a recognised binding digital signature closes the loop for replacing traditional paper processes that rely on a handwritten signature. SpeediSign™ and Post.Trust I.D.® enable individuals and organisations to digitally sign and time stamp Adobe® PDF documents with confidence.

Qualified Certificates

Qualified Certificates
A Qualified Certificate is a digital certificate with specific status within applicable governing law. Post.Trust is accredited to issue qualified certificates fully compliant with the eSignatures Directive 1999/93/EC.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates
A Post.Trust SSL Cert not only validates your corporate identity, it enhances the security of your web presence and your customers’ perception of your service offering. Your SSL certificate assures your customers that information between your web server and your client’s web browser is secure.

Email Security

Email Security
Post.Trust SafeMail is an easy to implement turnkey solution for securely transmitting your email over the Internet. SafeMail is designed to enable you to conduct secure, private electronic messaging with co-workers, clients, customers, and vendors – providing end-to-end encrypted security and privacy.

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