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Add-on SpeediSign™ batch signing utility

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Post.Trust’s volume-based desktop document signing solution for Adobe® Certified Document Services (CDS) is called SpeediSign™. SpeediSign™ is targeted at the ‘power user’ with a high volume requirement to digitally sign Adobe® PDF documents (See Product Comparison). The SpeediSign™ product offering includes a unique digital credential (Post.Trust I.D.®) issued on a secure USB token plus a volume signing license. Using SpeediSign™, users can batch sign multiple Adobe® PDF documents within Adobe® Acrobat. Users can configure the appearance of the electronic signature to include a graphical image e.g. your company logo or your handwritten signature, and store them within Adobe® Acrobat software against their Post.Trust I.D.® credential.

SpeediSign™ is fully compliant with the EU Electronic Signatures Directive 1999/93/EU and the eCommerce Act, 2000. The eCommerce Act 2000 provides for the legal recognition of electronic signatures, electronic writing and electronic contracts so as to ensure that electronic communications are not treated any differently under the law, than traditional paper-based communications. Business users can therefore confidently use SpeediSign™ in a range of communications which previously relied upon the traditional pen and paper signature. For businesses that rely on signatures in a document exchange or workflow process, significant cost savings can be achieved by adopting SpeediSign™. And because SpeediSign™ works seamlessly with Adobe® Reader® and Acrobat, on the recipient side the certificate is automatically validated and the signature and document content verified within Acrobat.

SpeediSign™ can be purchased at volumes of 1 to 1,000, 1 to 5,000 and 1 to 15,000 documents with a validity period of 1 year. Click here for pricing. The secure USB token that the unique digital credential Post.Trust I.D.® is issued on is a SafeNet iKey 2032 - – a powerful, two-factor authentication personal cryptographic hardware device. Not only do these tokens eliminate the need for expensive readers in the case of smartcard technology, but they are also extremely portable and compact.

For electronic document exchange processes, SpeediSign™ provides confidentiality, integrity and authentication. For the recipient this means they can trust in the communication. In other words, the receiver of an Adobe® PDF document that has been digitally signed using SpeediSign™ can be certain of the authenticity of the communication source and that the document has not been altered by a third party. Trusted electronic communications enable more efficient business processes. SpeediSign™ is a product offering a high level of assurance which empowers you and your customers to conduct ebusiness in the digital age.

Accessible and easy-to-use, SpeediSign™ is the ultimate volume-based desktop document signing solution to securing and validating Adobe® PDF documents.

For more information on SpeediSign™ volume-based pricing tiers click here.

To see Post.Trust I.D. and the add-on batch signing utility SpeediSign™ in action click here.

SpeediSign™ Benefits

  • A desktop document signing solution for applying digital signatures to Adobe® PDF documents using Adobe® Acrobat
  • Validates the authenticity of a documents contents using Adobe® Reader®
  • Verifies the identity of the author using Adobe® Reader®
  • Secure and reliable Adobe® PDF document exchange
  • Reduce paper and distribution costs
  • Improve customer confidence in your e-communications
  • Enhance your corporate image with professional electronic communications

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