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Adobe® has a wealth of experience in developing technologies that transform ideas and information into experiences that change how people live, work, and communicate. Adobe® enable engaging experiences by developing technologies and partner programs which  help companies create, manage, and deliver information more efficiently, so that they can in turn connect with their customers more effectively.

Adobe CDS Key Signing Ceremony image

Adobe® Certified Document Services (CDS) Key Signing Ceremony at Post.Trust.

Adobe® Certified Document Services (CDS) is one such program, and is the first digital signing solution which allows authors to create Adobe® PDF files that automatically certifies to the recipient the author's identity has been verified by a trusted organisation and the document has not been altered in any way. With Adobe® CDS, individuals and businesses can send Adobe® certified PDF documents and forms with the inbuilt benefits of assurance of identity verification and information integrity. Recognising the power of Adobe® CDS Post.Trust partnered with Adobe® in 2008 to offer Post.Trust digital certificates for Adobe® CDS. With Post.Trust Certificates for Adobe® CDS, companies can electronically sign and transmit Adobe® PDF documents with confidence, allowing them to engage more efficiently and effectively with their customers. Recipients can be confident the documents are authentic and have not been tampered with in any way during delivery.

Post.Trust views its acceptance into the Adobe® CDS program, into which relatively few other global Certification Authorities have been accepted (and none other in Ireland) as a key enabler in creating document signing solutions to meet the electronic communications needs of businesses today. Post.Trust is also an Adobe® Security and Adobe® Solutions Partner.

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