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Public Key Infrastructure

Post.Trust has deployed secure, scalable, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to enable businesses to communicate in a private, protected and trustworthy manner. Post.Trust's PKI was designed to solve the complex business issues associated with securing electronic communications while providing a mechanism to link an individual within a PKI to a Digital Signature, guarantee the integrity and non-repudiation of the data, and authenticate the identity of the sender.

Post.Trust's PKI has been deployed to deliver an in-person, open-model PKI solution by bringing together best-of-breed technologies to allow users to:

  • Communicate confidentially with customers and clients both within an organisation and outside of it.
  • Authenticate the communicating parties.
  • Validate the integrity of the information being exchanged.

Post.Trust PKI implementations has addressed several key security issues including the protection of both client and corporate confidentiality, the assurance of the integrity of the client's data and an effective means to verify the identity of each communicating party. Post.Trust's customised PKI solutions provide clients with the flexibility to ensure that PKI deployments meet business requirements while including verifiable information relevant to the parties in the trust network.

Post.Trust PKI offers solutions to meet your business' needs:


  • Fully Outsourced Solution: Post.Trust will operate and manage your entire PKI, leaving you to do what you do best.
  • Internal Registration Administrator Solution: Working with your company to provide a tailor made solution to best suit your needs. Post.Trust's strong and steadfast PKI can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Managed Service Solution: Leveraging Post.Trust's significant investment in technology and training, making use of Post.Trust's PKI infrastructure and team of highly skilled PKI experts to construct a PKI exclusively for your company's needs.
  • Hosting of your own PKI CA authority in our secure hosting environment.

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