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Just Plug and Sign.

Enabling Irish businesses to increase operational efficiency with digital signatures from An Post

Just Plug and Sign: Enabling Irish businesses to increase operational efficiency with digital signatures from An Post

Business is changing
In response to a rapidly changing business landscape and the need to increase operational efficiency and agility, more and more businesses are migrating their records and daily workflows from the physical to the virtual. While paper documents remain integral to business processes, companies are looking to exploit the unique opportunities presented by electronic documents. But how can these electronic documents be given the same legal effect as their paper counterparts? Post.Trust’s electronic signatures (e-signatures) enable businesses to keep their workflows electronic with legal dependability beyond their paper counterpart.

Legislation such as the EU e-Signatures Directive and the E-Sign Act in the United States has resulted in a huge increase in the wide-scale adoption of e-signatures in local and international business and commerce. Technological developments have led to e-signatures becoming easier, more convenient and more popular than ever before.

The benefits of e-signature technology are numerous, including quicker turnaround times, increased sales throughput, confidence in electronic communications, a happier workforce, and a satisfied client base. As a result, e-signatures are slowly earning a reputation as being a business’s best friend.

What is an e-signature?
In its most basic form, an e-signature is as simple as signing an email message with a personal name. But just as there are different signing implements in the physical world such as a pencil or a pen, in the electronic world an e-signature can also take a variety of forms. A digital signature for example, is a secure form of e-signature that can lock down an electronic document and notify recipients if it has been changed, resulting in a high level of trust in the document. The recipient of a document that has been digitally signed can be sure that the document has arrived intact and has not been changed in anyway. In this regard digital signatures hold a distinct advantage over traditional handwritten signatures.

Other examples of digital signatures in use by Post.Trust clients include signing purchase orders, statutory licences, corporate communications, sale proposals and document archiving. Another widely used form of electronic signature is a JPEG image of one’s name. However, signing a document with a JPEG image of your signature is as secure as writing the amount on a cheque with a pencil.

Business is built on trust
In e-business, you need absolute assurance that the signatory to an important document is genuine. Where Post.Trust comes into its own is in its ability to offer high-assurance digital credentials. As a fully accredited Certificate Authority, Post.Trust validates your identity when issuing a digital ID, thus providing the highest assurance level of verification of the signatory’s personal identity.

Post.Trust’s digital ID s are signing credentials that provide proof of document integrity, signer identity and non-repudiation of signed electronic documents. As an authorised member of Adobe’s Global Certified Document Services (CDS) program, when a document is opened in Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader®, the software automatically certifies to the recipient that the signer’s identity has been verified by a trusted third party - Post.Trust. The digital signature is validated in real-time and because Adobe® Reader® is free, there is no requirement for any special, additional verification software.

Our flagship product is Post.Trust I.D., issued on a secure USB token that contains your digital ID for applying electronic digital signatures to documents. A Post.Trust digital signature is a special type of electronic signature that provides the highest level of signature and content integrity as well as universal acceptance. With a Post.Trust digital ID, you are in control of your digital identity at all times. Just plug and sign!

Digital signatures in action
Certification Europe are an Irish based, internationally focused certification, training and inspection body. By using digital signatures they have experienced increased efficiency in their business processes. Document processes are handled a lot easier and with less effort. Consequently, they are able to be more productive, allowing them to focus on the core parts of their business.

"In our experience, electronically signing the soft copy of certificates we issue to clients is hugely important as this guarantees to their potential clients that the certificate is genuine and also shows that it comes from 'Certification Europe'.  Due to the nature of our business it is in our core to operate under best practice, and Post.Trust has made the e-signature process very easy and user friendly."

Nicole Coyne,
Client Relations Manager,
Certification Europe

Post.Trust digital signature solutions enable the creation of compliant and legally enforceable electronic records, eliminating an organisation’s need to print documentation for signature authorisation. As a result, documents are effectively sealed, providing evidence of user authenticity, guaranteeing data integrity, ensuring non-repudiation of signed electronic documents and complying with e-signature legislation worldwide.

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